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    • Repowering Australia will create a better life for everyone.

  • Renewable
    energy helps:

    • Stop
      Damage To Our Climate

    • Bring

    • Bring

    • Control
      Our Energy Bills

      • We want clean energy for all, owned by people and communities

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      • But a few polluting energy companies are ripping us off, locking us into old
        technologies they
        control to hoard
        more profits.

        Their greed is making people
        sick and putting our whole
        world at risk.

      • We have
        to fight
        for solutions and take back control
        of our energy and our future.
        Here’s how:

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    Build people power

    Dirty coal and energy companies and the politicians in their pocket are holding us back. We need to build a massive movement to take back control.

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    Go Beyond Coal

    We need to move beyond dirty coal that poisons our air, our climate, and our politics. Coal must be phased out with a just transition for working people and communities.

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    Build Renewables Everywhere

    Today's clean energy is reliable, cheaper, and causes no climate pollution. We need to #Repower our homes, communities, and businesses. Let's get on with it!

  • Let's get on with it!

    Let's get on with it!

    • Morrison coal

      Sign up to #Repower Victoria

      Speak to voters about clean energy and action on climate change in the lead up to the Victorian state election on 24 November.

    • Are you #Repowering? Share your story!

      How is your community, business, or home #Repowering to renewables? We want to hear your story! Please fill out our short story form and we may use your story to inspire others.

    • Fight for our future

      School Strike 4 Climate Action

      Join school students striking from school on 30 November in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to tell politicians to take their futures seriously.

  • Australia's people and companies
    are already leaders. Meet them:

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      • Climate inaction cost Liberals the VIC election

        “Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party went to the polls with no plan for climate action and a plan...

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      • Five Big Ideas to repower Australia

        We have identified five big ideas that would help accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy and...

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      • VIC election 24 Nov 2018: Who backs clean energy, not dirty coal?

        We can build a better future with clean energy. Victoria’s renewable energy target will deliver 9000 jobs,...

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