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    • $2M raised in crowdfunding record for new solar power company DC Power

  • Over 15,000 Australians have raised more than $2 million to launch DC Power Co., Australia’s first solar-focused power company.

    By offering solar owners a better deal and the chance to own a piece of their power company, the DC Power Co. campaign has become one of the most successful crowdfunders in history. At the time of writing, there’s still a few days left before it wraps up.

    The wild success of the DC Power Co. crowdfunder is impressive, but at this point it shouldn’t be a shock.

    Poll after poll shows Australians love renewable energy. But you don’t need to believe the pollsters. Just take a look at the millions of solar panels on Australian roofs.

    Per-capita, Australians have more rooftop solar than anywhere else in the world. And these solar-owners are waking up to the fact that Australia’s energy system makes them second-class citizens.

    People are sick and tired of getting getting paid peanuts for the clean power they make, while big electricity retailers are charging for increasingly expensive energy from coal, oil and gas.

    On top of that, frustration over federal inaction on climate is hitting fever-pitch. Millions of Australians want effective climate action. And, as DC Power Co. demonstrates, the market is starting to respond.

    With the potent combination of renewable energy and battery storage displacing fossil fuels all over the world, the writing is on the wall. The future will be renewably-powered; it’s simply a matter of time.

    Business and government should take heed. The renewable revolution is here. And, if the DC Power Co. fundraiser is anything to go by, it’s going to change everything.

    I’m excited to say that I’ve got my piece of DC Power and am looking forward to seeing where this all goes.