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    • 650,000 Victorian families will save $890 a year with solar rooftops

  • The Victorian Andrews Government has just announced a $1.2 billion plan to provide no upfront cost to 650,000 households. Victorians can now receive a 50% rebate for new Photovoltaic installations (up to $2250). From July 2019 there will be zero interest loans for these installations.

    This puts clean renewable energy within the reach of millions of Victorians, creating more than 5000 jobs, and dramatically lowering power prices.

    This announcement shows that the Australian Labor Party see the electoral advantage of supporting renewable energy.

    It is an act of climate leadership, and an example of the type of hands-on renewable energy policy that will drive down power prices, in contrast to the Coalition’s do-nothing National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

    Many state governments are leading the way on climate action.

    “We hope to see Victorian Labor build on this excellent announcement today and hold firm in their opposition to the NEG”, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigner Alix Foster Vander Elst said.

    “Clean solar energy is a clear solution for cutting pollution and transitioning Australia’s power supply from dirty coal. Helping households get solar panels is a key part of the transition’, said ACF Climate Change Program Manager, Gavan McFadzean.

    See more information from Repower allies Environment Victoria, Greenpeace, Australian Conservation Foundation, and Solar Citizens.