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    • Repower is a people powered campaign to upgrade Australia's energy system to 100% renewables.

  • Repowering Australia with clean energy will create a better life for everyone. Upgrading our energy system will help us fix damage to our climate. It will bring cleaner air, better jobs, and help us all control our energy bills.

    But right now, a few polluting energy companies are locking us into old technologies they control. These companies and the politicians in their pockets are holding back change.

    To hoard more profits they are pumping pollution into our skies, making people sick and putting our whole world at risk.

    The good news is we can take back control with clean energy for everyone.

    We must stand up for solutions that support people and communities, not big polluters. We all want to keep enjoying life on our beautiful planet – with abundant coral reefs, clean air and thriving communities.

    To do this we need to move beyond burning coal and gas. We must upgrade our old energy system, ensuring a just transition for workers and communities, and ramp up our efforts to harvest the power of the sun and the wind.

    We already have the technology, skills and solutions to do this. We need to get on with it!

    Solar, wind and storage are clean, cheaper than coal, and reliable. Australia’s people and many Australian companies are leading the way. Now it’s time for our elected representatives to catch up.

    Repower is a people powered campaign - which means anyone can join, as long as you’re doing your bit to repower a home, business, town, or state. Our main partners are community and environmental groups, but we’re powered entirely by you.

  • Key Partners

    Key Partners

      • CANA
      • Australian Conservation Foundation
      • Nature Conservation Counsil
      • Environment Victoria
      • GetUp
      • Australian Youth Climate Coalition
      • Solar Citizens
      • 350 Australia