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    • Renewables grow with 33% more jobs, across all states and territories

  • The government’s statistics department just released their latest numbers on full time jobs in renewable energy across the country. And the numbers are great!

    Annual direct FTE employment in renewable energy activities in Australia was estimated at 14,820 in 2016-17. As Figure 1 shows, this is an increase of 3,680 in FTE employment (33%) from the previous year (2015-16) and represents the highest level of FTE employment in renewable energy activities since 2012-13.

    All states and territories have seen an increase in FTE employment related to renewable energy generation in 2016-17. New South Wales and Queensland have seen the largest increases in total FTE employment, both increasing by over 1,000 FTE jobs. This was driven by construction of wind generation facilities in New South Wales and construction of large scale solar PV facilities in Queensland.

    South Australia has seen the largest proportional year on year increase in FTE employment (110%), driven by construction work on large scale wind generation facilities.

    Together New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia accounted for 78% of all renewable energy employment in Australia. 

    Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics jobs report, April 27, 2018.