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    • Bill McKibben is back in Australia

  • As a part of Repower partner 350 Australia’s push to make sure that climate change will be front and centre of every election going forward, their founder, Bill McKibben, back in Australia as part of a global effort to accelerate climate change action.

    Bill’s 2018 Australian tour tour will focus on the extraordinary impact of 350’s fossil fuel divestment campaign globally, and the groundbreaking NYC legal case against five of the world’s biggest oil companies. Bill sat next to the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio  as the announcement was made.

    Just like New York, Australians should not have to pay for the consequences of climate change when the fossil fuel companies most responsible have known for decades what was going to happen and have done everything they could to stop policy action.

    It is this global momentum, this “acceleration”, that Bill will be bringing to Australia. The tour will seek to ramp up public pressure for climate action in Australia.

    Book your tickets for Bill McKibben’s Accelerate Climate Action tour in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin!

    He also dropped this powerful Op Ed in the Sydney Morning Herald:

    For decades the fossil fuel industry has prioritised making money over the future of our planet.

    Whether it’s been big oil in the US, or big coal in Australia, fossil fuel companies have deep pockets and unprecedented political influence.

    This industry has steamrolled over environmental protection using money, political donations and a revolving door between lobbyists and government to get polluting projects approved. Its slick public relations campaigns, meanwhile, parrot the line that fossil fuel jobs, energy security and profit more than compensate any damage done to the environment.

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