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    • Climate inaction cost Liberals the VIC election

  • “Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party went to the polls with no plan for climate action and a plan to destroy the state’s renewable energy industry. It has cost them the election,” said CEO of Environment Victoria Mark Wakeham.

    “Environment Victoria has been campaigning deeply in the sandbelt electorates since 2012. As we’ve discovered from talking with thousands of swinging voters in the area, many people who consider themselves Liberal voters are passionate about reducing climate pollution and supporting renewable energy.

    “Labor and the Greens saw that and put renewable energy front and centre of their campaign. Solar Homes and a strong state renewable energy target were extremely popular policies and helped Labor win marginal seats that determined the outcome of the election.

    “We congratulate the Andrews Government on their win. While we’re really encouraged that they embraced renewable energy in the campaign, they need much clearer plans to reduce emissions across the economy and to get serious about nature protection in their second term,” said Mr Wakeham.