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    • We want clean energy for all. Here's how we get there.

  • Upgrading Australia’s energy system will need everyone to play their part:

    Upgrading Australia’s energy system will need everyone to play their part:

    • Homes and Communities

    • Businesses

    • Governments

  • Let’s break down the steps to getting to 100% clean energy.

  • Homes And Communities

    Homes And Communities

  • People and communities across Australia are already leading the way by repowering their homes and communities with renewable energy.

  • Households, small businesses, and communities can:

    • Demand greater action from governments and business

    • Install solar panels and solar hot water

    • Upgrade their homes to be energy smart

    • Purchase 100% Greenpower

    • Invest in community energy projects

    • Develop plans to take their community 100% renewable

      • For Example

      The town of Yackandandah in Victoria set a goal for 100% renewable energy by 2022.

      • Tracking Progress

      • 1.8

      • million households powered by solar

      • 90

      • communities starting their own community owned energy projects

      • 1/5

      • of all local councils now aiming for 100% renewables

  • Businesses


  • With renewable energy now cheaper than coal, it makes smart business sense for companies to repower. A number of companies large and small are already showing the way.

  • Businesses and large energy users can:

    • Make direct investments in renewable energy projects

    • Buy power from renewable energy projects

    • Upgrade their operations to be energy smart

      • For Example

      Carlton and United breweries will source 100% of its energy needs from renewables by the end of 2018.

      • Tracking Progress

      • $910

      • million estimated to be invested in renewable energy by large corporations in Australia between 2017-2018

      • 46%

      • of ASX200 companies use some renewable energy - this number should increase substantially in coming years

  • Governments


  • Through creating renewables friendly policies, dropping handouts to fossil fuels, and switching their own energy usage, Australian governments have a big role to play.

  • Our government can:

    • Ensure all energy they use is 100% renewable

    • Build and own new energy generation themselves

    • Run clean energy auctions to ensure new projects are getting built

    • Support large energy users, households and communities to go renewable, through actions outlined in the Repower Australia Plan below.

      • For Example

    • 100% of the SA government’s energy needs will be provided by the Aurora solar thermal plant in Port Augusta - the biggest in the world when announced.

    • In 2016 the ACT committed to becoming the first state in Australia to be powered by 100% renewable energy - by 2020.

    • Tracking Progress

      • 6

      • state governments have made commitments to or are on track for at least 50% renewables by 2030 - SA, TAS, ACT, QLD, VIC and NT

      • 2

      • state governments lag behind - NSW, WA

      • 0

      • leadership from current Federal government, with no or unambitious targets for renewable energy generation.

  • Power Plan Image
    • We’ve got the full plan for how we get to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, taking back control of our energy system and creating a better life for everyone.

      It’s called the Repower Australia Plan.

      Australia's people and companies are leading the way, now it's time for our politicians to catch up. This plan shows them how.