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    • New Indigenous energy alliance a win win win

  • A new group called the First Nations Renewable Energy Alliance was formed recently with a goal to help remote Aboriginal communities lower their energy costs, create more self-sufficiency, and fight climate change.

    According to the Guardian, twenty five Indigenous leaders formed the First Nations Renewable Energy Alliance, which aims to tackle high power costs and entrenched disadvantage – along with climate change – by pushing for renewable energy in Indigenous communities.

    “Whereas high energy prices often drive Indigenous people off their traditional lands, lower-cost renewables can help communities to thrive no matter how remote.

    “We can build a power station where the community exists,” Anthony says, “so people are able to successfully live in the environment the way they want to live and have access to power which enables them to better determine their economic future.”

    The alliance, formed at the Community Energy Congress in Melbourne in early 2017, will lobby government and partner with private enterprise and other community energy alliances to support Indigenous communities looking to transition to renewable energy.”

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