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    • Kicking coal out of politics

  • Over the weekend, thousands of Australians took the streets to make sure everyone sees how out of touch this government is on global warming and to represent the eight out of ten Australians who want renewables to be our main source of energy.

    In Canberra, beyond the air-conditioned hallways of parliament – farmers and regional Australians are already dealing with increasingly extreme weather as a result of global warming.

    On Parliament House lawns, they called on the federal government to break the drought on climate leadership while Greenpeace unfurled an enormous banner to resist Scott Morrison’s pro-coal agenda on his first day as Prime Minister.

    Miriam Lyons, of GetUp! said: “We’ve just witnessed the hard-right faction of the Coalition completely detach their party from consensus reality in order to rule out any possibility that big polluters might have to pay for the damage they’re doing to our climate.”

    In Scott Morrison’s Cronulla electorate in Sydney, hundreds gathered to demand that he reject the influence of the coal lobby.

    Repower partners and other environment and social justice groups, including Get Up!, Greenpeace, Solar Citizens, Australian Youth Climate Coalition,, the Climate Action Network, Stop Adani, Tipping Point, The Nature Conservation Council and more are galvanising the Australian spirit of compassion to build a movement so strong that no amount of ignorance or fossil fuel money can stop them.

    Outside the State Library in Melbourne, big colourful crowds said enough is enough, it’s time to break the politics of coal in this country.

    In Brisbane, people joined Pacific Climate Warrier Tapenaga Jnr Reupena to demand bold action now because his people are on the frontlines of escalating climate impacts and they don’t have the luxury to wait.

    The the hard-right coal-huggers have put climate change at the centre of the next election.