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  • Repower NSW launches!

    Repower NSW launches!

  • Reducing carbon emissions is the best way to address climate change, and Nature Conservation Council (NCC)  network organiser Jacqui Mumford told a crowd in Goulburn last week that Repower will help get NSW to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

    “NSW sources close to 80pc of our electricity from coal-fired power stations,” Ms Mumford said.

    The NCC invited people to join the #Repower campaign to accelerate the transition to renewable energy needed to protect the climate, nature, and farm productivity.

    “The closure of coal will eventually happen as renewables become cheaper - but we need the transition to happen more quickly than it is,” Ms Mumford said.

    She said data from the state government showed stationery energy accounted for almost half of the electricity we use, which is energy to power houses and institutions from fossil fuels such as coal and gas. The other large energy using sectors include transport, agriculture, coal mining, industry and waste.

    “NSW is amongst the worst performing states in transitioning our electricity system to renewables. We call on Premier Berejiklian to commit to sourcing our electricity from the sun and wind to act on climate change and ensure a stable climate for our future in the Southern Tablelands and beyond,” Ms Mumford said.