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    • Repower Plan: a faster and fairer path to 100% clean energy

  • Launching a Plan to Repower Australia: a faster and fairer path to a 100% clean-energy future

    Environmental author and founder of Bill McKibben has today launched a Plan to Repower Australia, a new blueprint for transforming the nation’s electricity system to 100% clean energy by 2030.

    The plan has been prepared by the Community Power Agency on behalf of six of the nation’s leading progressive climate and environment organisations working on the clean energy transition.

    “The Plan to Repower Australia has the level of ambition required to rapidly slash pollution from Australia’s electricity sector, set the nation up as a clean energy export superpower and ensure all Australians can access affordable clean energy,” says lead report author and Community Power Agency Director, Nicky Ison.

    Bill McKibben says, “The Federal Government does not have a plan.  What they have - the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and woefully inadequate pollution reduction targets - will lock in dirty coal for decades and stunt the growth of the clean energy sector at a time when Australia needs to turbo-charge its development.”

    “This report shows that civil society organisations continue to lead; formulating a plan that matches the scale of the challenge and the opportunity we are facing.”

    Nicky Ison said “Australia has some of the best wind and solar resources in the world and technical capacity to meet its electricity needs with 100% clean energy by 2030, so let’s get on with it!”

    Together the organisations behind the Plan to Repower Australia represent nearly 2 million Australians.

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    Download the full plan: Repower_Australia_Plan_FINAL_Mar29_2018_WEB.pdf

    Download the executive summary: Repower_Australia_Summary_FINAL_Mar29_2018_WEB.pdf.

    Quotes from organisations behind the Plan to Repower Australia:

    “Clean energy is creating a better life for everyone. Millions of everyday Australians have been getting on with the job and generating clean energy straight from their rooftops, now it’s time for our politicians to catch-up and this plan sets out exactly how they can do that,” said Joseph Scales, National Director at Solar Citizens.

    “Climate change threatens the natural world so many Australians love, from the Great Barrier Reef to our beautiful forests. Energy is the biggest source of climate pollution in Australia. Tackling climate change means we must urgently transition to clean energy. The Repower Plan shows us exactly how to do it.” ACF CEO, Kelly O’Shanassy, said.

    “Burning coal is the biggest source of climate pollution in Australia. To play our part in avoiding the worst impacts of global warming, we need to urgently shift away from polluting coal and repower Australia with clean energy. This energy transition needs to come with plans to support affected workers and communities in achieving a just transition.” says Environment Victoria CEO, Mark Wakeham.

    “Already, there are over 18,000 renewable energy jobs across Australia. Regional Australia can be a clean energy superpower, but only if our political leaders get behind the communities and businesses that are already leading the way. ,” Kate Smolski, CEO, Nature Conservation Council of NSW said.

    “We must stand up for solutions that support people and communities, not big polluters. We all want to keep enjoying life on our beautiful planet – with abundant coral reefs, clean air and thriving communities.  That’s why we are proud to launch the Repower Australia Plan”, says Blair Palese from

    Paul Oosting, National Director of GetUp, says “Australia could be a renewable energy superpower. The only thing holding us back is the greedy power companies trying to lock us into old technology they control, and the politicians in their pockets. They are out of step with what Australians want, what science demands and what the rest of the world is already doing.

    “People are ready for a safer future powered by clean energy. And we’re going to keep fighting for it until we get the job of repowering Australia done.” 