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    • States declined to endorse the NEG

  • The Federal Government’s plan to push through the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) without change and without compromise has today been derailed by State and Territory Governments.

    COAG Energy Ministers today agreed to continue negotiations including releasing details of legislation for consultation before a final decision is made.

    “In the current design of the National Energy Guarantee, some of our biggest corporations, like oil and gas companies, are being given special treatment, leaving the rest of us to carry their costs,” says Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of ACOSS.

    “The [emissions] targets in the NEG are woefully inadequate and all evidence points to them being met by the time the NEG comes into effect,” said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

    “The federal Governments legislation to set emissions reduction targets for the electricity sector must include the capacity to easily increase the targets and ensure we cannot retreat from where we are,” says Dr Goldie.

    Mark Butler, Australia’s Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, wants Malcolm Turnbull to create a framework that actually supports investment in renewable energy, although says the NEG “would see not a single large-scale renewable energy project built during an entire decade; it would see the rates of installation for rooftop solar on households cut by about a half.”

    Repower allies, Solar Citizens, Greenpeace, Environment Victoria, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Council of Social Service, have voiced their responses to the outcome today. The COAG Energy Council meeting Communique is available here.

    Contact your Federal Coalition MP and call on them to compromise their position and stand up for action to secure clean, affordable energy for all Australians.